Day Five: Wrapping up

About this day

On this last day, we go back to the questions we posed at the beginning of the module. What does it mean to struggle for freedom today? What is the best way to get to the world of our dreams? These questions are best articulated by an activist who asks:

“What is radical imagination? – Is it the seizure of power? Taking to the streets? Organising? Talking socialism? Resisting hierarchy and authority? Trying to save your neighbourhood? Fighting city hall?”

To consider these questions, we must take stock of the different options – what we have called freedom routes – and apply the key insights arising out of our struggles and the concrete struggles being waged across different parts of the world.

Objectives for this day:

At the end of this day, participants would have taken us through how, from their perspectives, freedom can be won and conquered. Participants will also evaluate the course as a way of strengthening it for future purposes.

Day activity sessions:

This day comprises the following activities:

Activity 14: How does it feel to be free

Activity 15: Evaluation

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