Activity 14: How it feels to be free

1 hour 45 minutes


To help us to exercise our radical imaginations and conceive of potential ways of living and organising social relations that promote true freedom for all.


Many of our struggles quite rightly focus on the immediate needs and issues we are facing. While we know that “freedom is a constant struggle” it is also important to exercise our radical imaginations and imagine potential ways of living and organising social relations that promote freedom for all. How can we imagine something radically different from the present way we live? What social structures and ways of relating to one another do we assume are right and natural, but could change considering the different conceptions of freedom we have encountered?


Keeping in mind your basket of freedoms from the market at Freedom Square, imagine a society where the struggles have been won, social movements as we know them have become redundant and people are free. In this exercise you find yourself transported to a future where society works. In another place, and another time, things could be very, very different.

Your task in groups is to create what this society looks like using the material provided. Show us this world by creating it through drawing, building, writing, singing, presenting, or telling stories.

Some things to consider:

  • How do we manage work and production in ways that are fulfilling and sustainable?
  • How do we manage the environment in a way that benefits us all?
  • What different forms could families and other social relations take?
  • How does gender, race and class look in the world that you create?
  • In this society, how are decisions made in a way that is effective and progressive?
  • How is power distributed in this society?
  • What about safety and security? Can you imagine some sort of preventative model rather than the current punitive one?

You have 1h45 minutes for this task.

You will not be asked to present your visions of the future today. Keep your creative products safe and prepare to report tomorrow!

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