Activity 9: Understanding people’s power

30 min


To help us to:

  • Understanding perspectives on local popular power, self-determination and freedom
  • Understand the relationship between feminism, feminised politics and local popular power
  • Thinking about routes to freedom which do not center the state

Task 1

The facilitator will give an input introducing the idea of local popular power and how it relates to freedom. In this session we will introduce the concept of libertarian municipalism as understood through Murray Bookchin and Abdullah Ocalan.

We will delve into critiques of state-centred power and how the focus on the family and community assembly as the basis of decision-making is derived from feminism. Through the case of Umoja, we will discuss how the Samburu women’s attempts to build autonomous existence from the violent patriarchal society provides us with lessons for feminist struggles for freedom.

We have 30 minutes for this task.

Please refer to the reading pack for:

Laura Roth. January 2019. Which Municipalism? Let’s be choosey. Open Democracy.

Laura Roth, Kate Shea Baird. Municipalism and the feminization of politics. ROAR Magazine.

Debbie Bookchin. August 2017. Radical Municipalism: The Future We Deserve. ROAR Magazine.

Abdullah Öcalan. Chapter 7. Family, dynasty and state. Liberating Life: Woman’s Revolution


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